Mar 9, 2012

i used to point the camera at everything i ate.
i am feeling it's time to revisit that.

Jan 25, 2012

instagram/wallgram/iphone editing love

I've been cheating on photoshop with instagram cause it is impossible to resist these filters when they pretty much perfect your photo every time. photos these days are evidently mixing all media types, and there are no rules. some would say uploading SLR photos into instagram is blasphemous. but that's just ridiculous. In a world where everyone is an iphonographer, it's the unique mixes people create that catch your eye. gotta leave room for freedom. without breaking rules there would be nothing special. If you don't have instagram, download it here. and play with wallgram to create fun mosaics and.... coming soon POSTERS!!!! yay

Jan 13, 2012

It may take me a while to get organized and to execute my concepts, but i am on a mission to make this blog a better representation of my ideas. Typically i repost everything that gets my heart fluttering, and wonder/wish why i didn't think of it first! And so the story of blogging insecurity goes: What am i doing on here, what is my purpose, what are my goals, does anyone even care to stop and take a look? Here's to making a better online presence, To being truthful and original, and to showing my face around here once in a while. Allow me to introduce myself. I am justyna sokolowski, a self taught photographer and graphic designer. "Heart Brain Hands" was born from a degree in education and started in hopes of activating the pursuit of creativity and learning in everyone.

All photos on this blog are my own (unless stated otherwise) I use a variety of cameras, lenses, and design programs, quite often mixing more than one media at a time. I will do my best to show you how it's done. Feel free to repost anything you might find inspiring, but don't forget to show some linklove. - justyna

Jan 5, 2012

Dream Job: Artistic Director for "Free to be..."

Newly appointed artistic director, photographer, and graphic designer for Free to be..
Currently working out our vision/mood boards in preparation for photoshoots and branding.
anything in particular speak to you?

(photos collected through numerous searches, too many links to list)

Dec 26, 2011

feeling anxious for change and creation and
inspiration and re-invention and dedication.
consider this blog under construction.

Dec 6, 2011

sweet aerial love

winter engagement photoshoot inspiration

collected faves. saved to the desktop

*These were right click-save-as-able as soon as i laid eyes upon them.
once. again. source. unknown. apologies to artists. enjoy.

how do you pronounce "charcuterie" anyway?

i want to eat meat and cheese with you. happy charcuterie. platter snacker bliss. (found on ohjoy)

Nov 8, 2011

the horses are coming

click on pic for direct source

Nov 4, 2011

happy birthday beautiful girl

Dear Steph: you love your family, your nieces, your friends, your hubby, your home, and surprisingly, even your cat. How can we ever spoil you enough with our gratitude for all your love? if i could give you the world, i would, you deserve the best/happiest life, and it's coming your way, guaranteed. Here are my birthday wishes for you:

1. a speedy recovery. you know when forest gump breaks those leg braces off and starts running....yeah, like that!!!!

2. your dream engagement and wedding, thanks for doing everything already, so i basically just have to show up right? haahhaha. i dream in navy blue and chesnut now because of you.

3. way more travel, way more food fairs, vintage hunts, dinners out, great shoes, less pork,

and of course.....

4. curls that hold

I love you, happy birthday, enjoy your day beautiful steph.

Nov 2, 2011

it's that time. uncertain and insecure

found on mintdesign today. Ira Glass: read my mind. guess i can't say i was never told. trying very hard not to give in....breathe, take it all in.

words and signage. a bit obsessed right now

breaking up is hard to do
looking for inspiration elsewhere

love notes torn from pages of a boys moleskins

sadly, truth hurts

Sep 23, 2011

loving this fairytail dreamy styling and editing.

random finds

im a bad girl. photos saved to desktop with no sources.... bad habbit. please forgive. or post source if you know... xo